Dr. Sophia Akushie Wittmann


Ghana  and West African Region

  • Capacity building - Skills development for SMEs, civil society development activities, market research, value chain development, consulting for SMEs on indigenous structures in West Africa
  • Lectureships at national and international universities on international cooperation, business ethics and governance, corporate and business ethics, international business ethics and sustainability,
  • CEO - SENCAB Ghana and Germany e.V.

Key activities:

  • Feasibility studies, potential analysis and development of action strategies at national and local level
  • Organization and execution of workshops and seminars
  • Content and financial planning, control and disbursement of funded projects

References Project Development Ghana

  • Development of international networks and development organizations SENCAB Ghana and Germany e.V. (Sustainable Enterprise and Capacity Building Initiative e.V)
  • Cooperation in the development of corporate structures between China (Hunan Province), Ghana and companies from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Development of structures for SMEs in communities (Ghana),
  • Development of local stakeholder structures for energy supply, water management and technology transfer activities for the West African region
  • Educational projects in the field of agricultural sciences in communities - Ghana, development of working strategies for promotion of organic agriculture
  • Gender advisory services in local SME growth
  • Development of measures in communities for the treatment of contaminated soils, linked to development of SME infrastructure
  • Promotion of measures to support organic cultivation in local communities – Ghana
  • Moderation on the establishment of ecological economic structures in partnership with supporting institutions

Stefan Börngen


Supervisor, organizational consultant and project developer Ambassador for Trade and Commerce for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Representative of Hunan Province (China) in Germany Managing Director and Partner of B & W Internationale Projects- and Chamber of Commerce(Schwerin)

Key activities:

  • Feasibility studies, potential analysis and development of action strategies at national and local level
  • Project development and project support
  • Organization and execution of workshops and seminars
  • References Germany:
  • Member of the Advisory Network of the IBWF Institute (Institute for Business Consulting, Economic Development and Research e.V) -  Over 20 years’ experience
  • Consultant for SMEs -  experience (structural consulting, personnel management, project development)  and Project developer over 25 years’ experience

References China:

  • Official representative of CCPIT of Hunan Province for the development and facilitation of business relations between the state of Ghana, the province of Hunan, corporations and organizations from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany)
  • Advisor to Hunan Provincial CCPIT for international business development
  • Partner and first chairman of the international platform "Hunan Sino-German Science and Technology Incubator Co., Ltd." (German-Chinese joint venture for the development of business relations between China and Germany)
  • Contracting party for local governments in Hunan province (China), for promotion of economic, political and cultural structures
  • Supervisor and project developer for marketing and investment projects in the field of environmental technology, health care and educational projects between Chinese and German educational institutions (particularly in cooperation with research universities in Germany)

Note: In recent years, focus has been on developing strategies and concepts for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises in China

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